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Headquartered in Shanghai, REFIRE is the world’s leading deployer of commercial hydrogen fuel cell zero-emissions technologies. The company specialises in designing, testing, prototyping, application engineering and in integrated fuel cell systems for buses, trucks, specialised vehicles, power supply units, and marine applications.

As of Q1 2021, REFIRE fuel cell technologies and products are powering over 2,700 fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) in daily use in 15 cities across China, as well as various projects in five other countries.

REFIRE’s strategic footprint is in line with the growth of hydrogen fuel cell applications for both domestic and overseas markets, whilst helping to maintain end-to-end excellence in areas such as technology advancement, product R&D, and manufacturing to offer the best FCS products to customers. November 2019 saw the completion of REFIRE’s new corporate headquarter, a 25,000㎡ R&D campus in Shanghai. It houses advanced labs and test facilities which allows for the development of FC key components to complete FCS and prototype vehicles assembly. In August 2020, a new industrialization hub was commissioned in Changshu in three phases for the mass production of fuel cell systems and key auxiliary components.

REFIRE currently employs over 500 people. Relying on an extensive portfolio of patents, standardized development process, total quality management, and advanced engineering and trial-production capability, REFIRE pursues a competitive and sustainable growth.

REFIRE was founded in 2015 when a passionate group of engineers came together with the shared dream of propelling the development of hydrogen energy and popularizing the application of fuel cells. REFIRE hopes to reduce mankind’s dependence on fossil energy and contribute to the harmonious co-existence among all lives on our planet by making use of “hydrogen”, the most abundant element in the universe.

Since 2015, driven by our passion, accountability, grit and dedication to the hydrogen energy industry, REFIRE has brought together a team of the smartest minds in hydrogen fuel cell ( FC) technology, automotive engineering, and manufacturing under ‘one’ roof with one goal to commercialise FC technology. Together with our upstream and downstream industry and institutional partners, we successfully demonstrated commercial FC vehicles deployment at scale. Meanwhile, we will continue to explore China and overseas markets, where the FC technology will soon be adopted.

The REFIRE FCS have continuously and stably driven different types of commercial vehicles that are now serving logistics, mass transit and urban service. By mid-February 2021, the operating FCVs powered by REFIRE reached a total cumulative mileage over 55 million kilometers.

As a pioneer in the FCS commercialization in China, REFIRE pursue product excellence with the belief in the social and environmental value that propelled us to repeatedly push the industry milestones. The outpace track record has lifted REFIRE, together with partners, from pioneers to industry leaders toward a new hydrogen economy.

In the future, REFIRE will continue to forge ahead and make positive contributions to protecting our planet and blue sky and making our planet a better place to live for the next generations. If you are as excited as we are about building a hydrogen-powered mobility future, we invite you to contact us to discuss how we can help to make your vision succeed.

Thank you for taking an interest in REFIRE, a company whose vision is creaing a sustainable energy future with hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. Adhering to this vision, we are already helping to bring hydrogen-powered mobility to fruition.

It is thanks to the power of “We” that this vision is actually happening and is encapsulated in our systems, services and culture. If it weren’t for the sense of accountability, grit and dedication of our own talented team and the support of our customers, shareholders, industry and institutional partners, we could not have become pioneers in this transformative industry.

Since 2015 we have grown through a mutual and organic gathering of minds, resources, and resolve into a 500-strong team of world-class engineers, strategists and thinkers – all under ‘one’ roof. We are also proud to say that we have been scaling into multiple R&D, manufacturing, and service facilities across China, with centres and projects in other countries also in the works.

If you are as excited as we are about building a hydrogen- powered mobility future, we invite you to contact us to discuss how we can help to make your vision succeed.

With warmest regards,

Robin Lin, Chairman and CEO

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FC Industrialization Hub, After Sales Service Center

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REFIRE was founded.


REFIRE’s first fuel cell bus with REFIRE FC technology was deployed in Foshan, Guangdong Province.


REFIRE released the first fuel cell system CAVEN 3 for commercial vehicle applications.


REFIRE commenced the mass production of CAVEN 3.


China’s first 500 fuel cell delivery trucks powered by REFIRE were deployed in Shanghai.


REFIRE established China’s first dedicated “Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle After Sales Service Centre in Shanghai”.


REFIRE completed the production of the 1000th CAVEN3 fuel cell system.


REFIRE’s first fuel cell bus project was deployed in Malaysia, Southeastern Asia.


REFIRE announced the construction of  industrialization hub in Changshu, Jiangsu Province.


REFIRE partnered with Toyota and Higer to co-develop fuel cell buses.


REFIRE partnered with Toyota and FAW to co-develop fuel cell commercial vehicles.


Sinopec Capital made strategic investment into REFIRE Group.


Fuso’s first hydrogen-powered truck “FUSO Vision F-CELL” with REFIRE FC technology was demonstrated during 46th Tokyo Motor Show.


REFIRE entered into partnership with Europe’s leading electro-mobility solution provider eCap to develop hydrogen mobility solutions in Northern Europe.


REFIRE’s new corporate headquarter, a 25,000㎡ R&D campus in Shanghai.


REFIRE established the initial intention of cooperation with Toyota Tsusho and Changshu Government on fuel cell heavy-duty trucks.


Powered by REFIRE technology, 200 fuel cell buses rolled off the line in Wulong, Yunnan


20 fuel cell buses co-developed by REFIRE, Toyota and Higer were deployed in Changshu.


The operating fuel cell vehicles powered by REFIRE have reached a cumulative mileage of over 20 million kilometres.


REFIRE launched the new fuel cell product platform – PRISMA series 60kW-110kW fuel cell system.


REFIRE signed a strategic cooperation agreement with BESTPATH IoT and Sinopec Hydrogen Energy to explore hydrogen-powered applications.


Powered by REFIRE technology, the first batch of three 8T fuel cell closed garbage trucks entered the road test stage.


Powered by REFIRE technology, 150 fuel cell buses were deployed in Zhengzhou, Henan


REFIRE signed an agreement on demonstration operation project of heavy-duty FCVs in Ningdong Energy and Chemical Industry Base


REFIRE signed cooperation agreement with China Baowu.


REFIRE held an inaugural ceremony for its second at-scale hydrogen fuel cell manufacturing base – Changshu Mass Production Factory in China, and dubbed “ASTRAWORKS” for REFIRE’s brand-new manufacturing hub.


The operating fuel cell vehicles powered by REFIRE have reached a cumulative mileage of over 30 million kilometres.


REFIRE signed strategic agreement with HBIS Group


REFIRE and MOON Group reached strategic cooperation.


REFIRE and DuPont China signed the strategic cooperation agreement.


Signing Ceremony of REFIRE’s Industrilization Hub held in Datong, Shanxi Province.


REFIRE and Continental AG reached strategic cooperation.


REFIRE and German TÜV Rheinland signed the global strategic agreement.


REFIRE and Garrett signed the strategic agreement on air compressor technology.


REFIRE and GRINM GROUP signed the strategic agreement.


5th anniversary of REFIRE


REFIRE released brand new logo


The first batch of 10 fuel cell buses powered by REFIRE technology were deployed in Baicheng, Jilin


Fuel cell logistics vehicles powered by REFIRE technology helped Budweiser start green logistics


The debut of 49T H-CUBE autonomous fuel cell heavy-duty truck powered by REFIRE technology


The agreement to deliver 100 Foton fuel cell heavy-duty trucks powered by REFIRE technology by February 2021 was signed


REFIRE signed agreement with CAMC and BESTPATH IoT on deploying 60 fuel cell heavy-duty trucks in Yangtze River Delta region


REFIRE and Weifu signed strategic cooperation agreement


The operating fuel cell vehicles powered by REFIRE have reached a cumulative mileage of over 50 million kilometres.


Powered by REFIRE technology, zero-emission fuel cell buses will serve stunning German National Park next year


Powered by REFIRE technology, Sany’s world first fuel cell mixer rolled off the production line


REFIRE and industry partners signed agreement to jointly build liquid hydrogen refueling stations in Foshan

Chair, Fuel Cell Sub-Centre, China National Power Battery (CNPB) Innovation Centre

Chair, Fuel Cell Branch, CNPB Industry Alliance

Member of Hydrogen Council

Founding Member of AUTOSEMO

Shanghai Enterprise Technology Centre

Anchor name in Fuel Cell Industry Whitelist by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM)

Joint research lab at Tongji University,

Joint research lab at Beijing Institute of Technology

ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification

IATF16949:2016 Quality Management System Certification

ISO 26262:2018 Process Certification

Silver Award of 29th Shanghai Outstanding Invention Competition

2nd Scientific and Technological Innovation Award of Shenzhen New Energy Vehicle (Logistics Vehicle) Challenge

Strategic Supplier of Dongfeng Motor Corporation

Technological Innovation Award of Modern Service Industry of Jiading District, Shanghai

2018/10 China’s Most Promising Enterprise by Ernst & Young

Shanghai High-Tech Enterprise

Shanghai Specialized New Enterprise

2019 China’s Top 100 Enterprise of Scientific and Technological Innovation

Shanghai Little Tech Giant Enterprise

2019 China’s Most Innovative Enterprise of Hydrogen

Top 4 Industrial Cluster Enterprise of Jiading District, Shanghai

Silver Award of 2019 Advanced Manufacturing Industry

Quality Gold Prize of Jiading District, Shanghai

The First Prize of the 1st Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Innovation Award at FCVC

Innovation Leading Award of the 22nd CIIF

The First Prize of “2020 China Automotive S&T Award”

The Honorary Title of State-level Specialized, Elaborative, Characteristic and Innovative “Little Giant Enterprise”

The Honorary Title of 2020 Shanghai Specialized, Elaborative, Characteristic and Innovative Enterprise