New generation of fuel cell system series

REFIRE has a portfolio of fuel cell systems with different ranges


PRISMA series ranges from 63kW to 130kW, engineered for the most challenging transport applications, including public transport, municipal services, medium and heavy-duty extra-urban logistics.  With PRISMA series, REFIRE and its partners are committed to carbon footprint reduction in more applicatoin areas.

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REFIRE Group, founded in September 2015 and headquartered in Shanghai, China, has three Business Units: Fuel Cell System, Fuel Cell Stack and Power Electronics, focusing on technology research & development and product development in the fields of Fuel Cell System and Control System, Fuel Cell Stack and Membrane Electrode Assembly, and Power Electronics.

With the purpose of creating a sustainable future through Hydrogen Technology, REFIRE Group strives to becoming a leading Hydrogen Technology company by consistently enhancing corporate competence. Through 7 years of growth and exploration, REFIRE Group has grown into a global firm with more than 650 employees, with R&D centers in Shanghai and Vancouver, mass production bases in Shanghai, Changshu (Jiangsu), Jiaxing (Zhejiang), as well as After-Sales service centers in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shandong, Henan, etc.,

REFIRE Group has achieved independent product development capability and mass production capacity for key components such as Fuel Cell Stacks, Membrane Electrode Assembly, Bipolar Plates, Hydrogen Circulation Systems, DC/DC, through the concerted efforts of three Business Units. Through innovation and iteration, REFIRE Group’s products has been continuously refined and improved, including system power, power density, service life, and many others, to retain the industry’s leading position, assisting fuel cell vehicles in advancing towards reliable technology, stable performance, enhanced safety and improved cost-effectiveness, gaining high recognition from government and the industry.

REFIRE Group is the supporting organization of Fuel Cell Sub-Center, China National Power Battery Innovation Center, Chairman Unit of the Fuel Cell Branch of the China Automotive Power Battery Industry Innovation Alliance, and the fifth Chinese company to join Hydrogen Council, following Great Wall Motor, Weichai Power, CHN Energy, and Sinopec.

REFIRE Group was bestowed with state-level Specialized and Sophisticated “Little Giant Firms” by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and was awarded the title of “Individual Champion Enterprise in Manufacturing Industry”, the First Prize of “China Automobile Industry Science and Technology Award”, the First Prize of “China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress Award”, and the “National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise”.

REFIRE Group’s high-power Fuel Cell equipment was designated by National Energy Administration as one of the first batch of key technology and equipment projects in the energy field in 2021.

REFIRE Group’s business currently spans 34 cities in 20 provinces of China, as well as international markets such as Germany, Switzerland, Japan and Malaysia. Its products and technologies are widely employed in sectors such as automobile, marine, construction machinery, material handling, and distributed power generation.

REFIRE Group has deployed over 4,000 Fuel Cell vehicles and accumulated over 140,000,000 zero-emission kilometers, reducing road carbon emissions by over 83,000 tons.