Building the Future | REFIRE Fuel Cell Test Center Passes CNAS Accreditation Review



Recently, the Fuel Cell Test Center of Shanghai REFIRE  Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “REFIRE Test Center”) received a laboratory accreditation certificate (registration number CNAS L 15693) issued by the China National Accreditation Service (CNAS) for conformity assessment. This certificate has an important position in the international accreditation system. Obtaining CNAS accreditation means REFIRE Test Center meets the requirements of the international standard ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (CNAS-CL01:2018 “Testing and Calibration Laboratory Competence Accreditation Criteria.”) At the same time, it also marks that the hardware, management level and test technology capabilities of the facilities and equipment of the test center meet the requirements of the national and international standard quality management system. The test report has international mutual recognition, authority and credibility. The acquisition of CNAS certification will help REFIRE play a key role in shortening the product development cycle and improving the reliability of fuel cell products. It will also help the company improve product competitiveness and bring more confidence to customers.

Laboratory accreditation certificate issued by the China National Accreditation Service (CNAS) for conformity assessment


Lin Qi, CEO of REFIRE, said: “I am very happy to receive this authoritative certification at the end of 2021. This not only reflects the comprehensive strength of the REFIRE Test Center in many aspects including management system operation, technical capabilities, and testing hardware, it is also the best portrayal of the continuous practice of meticulous craftsmanship at REFIRE, which further promotes the company’s commitment to becoming a technologically superior global fuel cell company.”

REFIRE Test Center maintains 365 days of uninterrupted testing


Since its establishment, REFIRE has placed a high degree of strategic importance on product testing and verification. With the continuous development and growth of its business operations, the company has established a complete fuel cell system development and verification system. It has a relatively complete test and inspection platform from parts and systems to entire vehicles, including more than 100 sets of advanced professional instruments and equipment such as multi-power level system test benches, vibration test systems, salt spray and composite salt spray boxes, walk-in environmental chambers, and EMC hydrogen laboratories. The company’s fuel cell laboratory team has independently developed various fuel cell systems and component testing systems while focusing on testing work to quickly respond to product development and technical iteration needs.

A fuel cell vehicle equipped with a REFIRE fuel cell system has passed the severe cold environment test of approximately minus 30 degrees Celsius and nearly one thousand meters high altitude.


In 2020, REFIRE won the first prize “China Vehicle Industry Science and Technology Award”, the highest level award in China’s vehicle industry. Behind the heavy trophy is the work of the REFIRE people who treat every test and verification with the spirit of craftsmanship. So far, the test mileage of complete vehicles equipped with REFIRE fuel cell systems has reached more than one million kilometers, and the complete vehicle test mileage of a single system has exceeded 200,000 kilometers. REFIRE’s fuel cell system non-destructive low-temperature start-up technology passed a severe cold environment test at minus 30 degrees Celsius and nearly a kilometer altitude. This further verifies the excellent level of the system-level control strategy, the stack materials and the process, as well as the high-reliability design method of the commercial vehicle fuel cell system.

Test Center System Trial Production Laboratory


It is rare for a goose to fly alone, and one hand cannot clap without the other. REFIRE upholds the cooperation principles of complementing advantages, win-win cooperation, and common development, and continues to carry out multi-party cooperation in the fields of production, learning and research. In early December 2021, as a typical case focusing on carbon peaks and carbon neutral strategic goals, the “Hydrogen Fuel Cell Test Platform and Evaluation Technology Application” project jointly completed by REFIRE, Shanghai Motor Vehicle Testing and Certification Technology Research Center Co., Ltd. and Tongji University won the first prize of the Shanghai Excellent Production, Learning and Research Cooperation Project in 2021.


In the future, REFIRE is determined to further increase investment in the company’s test center and laboratory to ensure that the test system continues to bear the important responsibility of being the cornerstone of hydrogen fuel cell technology and product research and development, and help promote the development of hydrogen fuel cell vehicle industrialization and large-scale applications to provide our planet with a steady stream of clean hydrogen power.



Headquartered in Shanghai, REFIRE is the world’s leading deployer of commercial hydrogen fuel cell zero-emissions technologies. The company specialises in designing, testing, prototyping, application engineering and in integrated fuel cell systems for buses, trucks, specialised vehicles, power supply units, and marine applications.

As of Q1 2021, REFIRE fuel cell technologies and products are powering over 2,700 fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) in daily use in 15 cities across China, as well as various projects in five other countries. To date, combined vehicle mileage exceeds 63 million kilometres.


Marketing & Communications Department, REFIRE