Chinese Solutions Help Global Green Travel REFIRE Brings Latest Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology to Dubai World Expo



Dubai World Expo China Pavilion (Photo source: Shanghai Day Digital Expo of the World Expo official website)


With the theme of “Communicating Thoughts and Creating the Future”, the first World Expo in the Middle East – Expo 2020 Dubai, officially opened on October 1, 2021. The expo aims to gather the strength of the international community and promote global cooperation to create a better future. Although the global epidemic is still in a severe state, there are still nearly 200 countries participating in the exhibition. Among the pavilions, the China Pavilion is one of the largest at this World Expo in terms of area. Centered on the theme of “Building a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind – Innovation and Opportunity”, the pavilion showcases China’s scientific and technological innovation achievements, conveys China’s development concepts, and promotes international exchanges and cooperation.


As one of the highlights of the China Pavilion, 26 of China’s provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities will take turns occupying the pavilion during the Expo. On the afternoon of December 9, Shanghai, which has established an excellent association with the World Expo, held the opening ceremony of the “Shanghai Day Event” with the theme of “Innovative Cooperation, Digital Smart Empowerment, and Promotion of International Exchange on Urban Digital Transformation” in a coordinated online and offline format.

Opening Ceremony of Shanghai Day in the China Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai (Image source: Official Shanghai Day Opening Ceremony)


The “Shanghai Day Digital Expo” launched on the same day. Relying on the world’s first digital exhibition platform – “The Digital Expo” platform, more than 300 cutting-edge products of close to 60 key high-tech enterprises in the Shanghai and Yangtze River Delta regions will be displayed online for the global public over the next three months, covering the 7 major areas of digital transformation and smart cities, smart manufacturing, artificial intelligence, biomedicine, new energy, new materials and environmental protection, mobile payment, and fashion consumption, fully reflecting Shanghai’s achievements and application results in technological innovation and digital transformation.


As one of the representative science and technology enterprises in Shanghai, REFIRE was invited by the Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai and the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economic and Information Technology to bring its latest innovations in cutting-edge clean power solutions. The company’s self-developed medium and high power PRISMA series of fuel cell systems and its supporting core components, fuel cell stacks, entered the Expo for the first time by appearing in the “Shanghai Day Digital Expo”.

REFIRE participated in the “New Energy, New Materials, and Environmental Protection” exhibition area


At present, hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology are China’s strategic choices for future energy technologies, as well as important directions for new energy vehicle technological innovation. Shanghai is a pioneer in the R&D and industrialization of fuel cell vehicle technology. Through its continuous and active guidance and encouragement of enterprises in the region to carry out continuous technological innovation, and cultivating and improving the construction of the industrial chain, fuel cell vehicles have become calling cards for Shanghai in its external demonstration of green development achievements. As the backbone of the fuel cell vehicle industry chain in the region, REFIRE, with its R&D and office headquarters located in Shanghai, has always led the innovation of the fuel cell vehicle industry, from promoting the first use of the world’s first commercialized operation of fuel cell logistics vehicles in Shanghai in 2018, to the formation of Yangtze River Delta links in collaboration with partners in the industry. The company has created a demonstration model of fuel cell vehicle city clusters focused on the application scenarios of “medium and long distance + medium and heavy duty”.

Heavy-duty commercial vehicles equipped with REFIRE fuel cell systems


The PRISMA series is REFIRE’s latest technological innovation achievement in the field of fuel cells, independently researched and developed based on the decarbonization trend of commercial vehicles, especially heavy commercial vehicles, according to typical application scenarios. While providing zero-carbon power for vehicles, the products can meet high-strength, high-load, and harsh environment requirements. The high-power 130kW PRISMA XII+ in this series has significantly improved on a number of key technical indicators compared with the previous generation of products, thereby further ensuring the durability, reliability and safety of fuel cell systems.


In addition to displaying scientific and technological innovation achievements, REFIRE, as a member of the global hydrogen energy industry, will also use the excellent platform of the World Expo to further promote the development of the industry. Lin Qi, Chairman and President of REFIRE Group and CEO of REFIRE, says: “REFIRE is very honored to participate in the Expo as one of the representative companies reflecting the images of China and Shanghai and also of ‘green strength’. Although we have been unable to travel to Dubai in person due to the impact of the epidemic, with the empowerment of digital technology, we have been able to display our company’s technological innovation achievements and application cases in multiple fields to the global public online, and made full use of the World Expo as an international exchange platform to deepen international hydrogen energy industry cooperation and accelerate the company’s global business expansion, benefiting more global market customers with high-quality and reliable products and solutions, and injecting new green energy into global economic recovery and sustainable development.”


In the past six years or so, REFIRE has actively collaborated with upstream and downstream partners in the global industrial chain to build a hydrogen energy application ecosystem and promote the large-scale development of fuel cell technology. So far, the company’s fuel cell technology application areas not only cover the domestic Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Central China, and North China, but also expand to foreign markets such as Germany, Japan, Malaysia, and the United States. In the new stage of the global search for green development, REFIRE’s international hydrogen energy operations are also bearing more fruitful results this year: EU certification has been obtained for production consistency management and fuel cell product technology with the help of TÜV North Germany; fuel cell buses that were refitted in cooperation with eCap Mobility, a strategic partner in northern Europe, were officially put into operation in the Lower Oder Valley National Park in Germany; and cooperative relationships were reached with Schaeffler Group and Toyota Motors around fuel cell technology innovation. All of these have laid a solid foundation for the company to expand into a broader global market and accelerate hydrogen development in the future.




Headquartered in Shanghai, REFIRE is the world’s leading deployer of commercial hydrogen fuel cell zero-emissions technologies. The company specialises in designing, testing, prototyping, application engineering and in integrated fuel cell systems for buses, trucks, specialised vehicles, power supply units, and marine applications.

As of Q1 2021, REFIRE fuel cell technologies and products are powering over 2,700 fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) in daily use in 15 cities across China, as well as various projects in five other countries. To date, combined vehicle mileage exceeds 63 million kilometres.


Marketing & Communications Department, REFIRE