Innovative Technology Empowers Carbon Neutrality of Construction Machinery Industry | REFIRE Attends 2021 Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition


The 2021 Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition was grandly opened on May 19. Under the theme of “Intelligent New Generation of Construction Machinery”, the Exhibition brought together 1,500 domestic and foreign enterprises, including 30 of the top 50 global construction machinery enterprises, to showcase the industry’s innovative technologies and cutting-edge ideas for intellectualization, electrification and unmanned tendency of the industry. The 110kW PRISMA fuel cell system series and its POLARIS fuel cell stack, REFIRE’s technological innovation in the field of construction machinery, were showcased at the Exhibition, offering a leading fuel cell solution for the green transition and carbon neutrality of the construction machinery industry.

Following the introduction of China’s mission of “Peak Carbon Dioxide Emission and Carbon Neutrality” and the finalization of the implementation date of the NRMM (China IV) Standard, in response to the calls for national energy transition, China’s construction machinery industry is stepping up efforts of green, intelligent and unmanned transformation to put an end to the high pollution and high energy consumption. Up to now, China alone has over 8 million units of construction machinery in possession, with an annual increase at a rate of 400,000 units. This means that the demand for clean alternatives instead of fossil energy as the power of construction machinery will continue to rise, and the extensive use of new energy to advance the decarbonization process of the industry will become one of the effective ways to move towards carbon neutrality.

With high power, high energy density, long endurance mileage, short hydrogen refueling time, zero emission and zero pollution, the fuel cell technology is recognized as one of the most promising new energy solutions for construction machinery.

110kW PRISMA fuel cell system series

POLARIS fuel cell stack independently developed by REFIRE

The 110kW PRISMA fuel cell system series REFIRE exhibited is a product of forward development based on the anticipated scenario using the company’s self-developed POLARIS fuel cell stack, which provides zero carbon power for construction machinery while meeting the needs of high-intensity and high load operations under harsh environment. The world’s first fuel cell mixer truck and the first fuel cell dump truck launched by Sany Heavy Industry in 2020 are equipped with the 110kW PRISMA fuel cell system, which meets the needs of all-weather high-intensity operations while being environmentally-friendly.

The world’s first fuel cell mixer truck /first fuel cell dump truck of Sany Heavy Industry equipped with 110kW PRISMA fuel cell system series of REFIRE

Thanks to its innovative gene and sustainable R&D capability, REFIRE has been expanding its presence to the field of key components of the fuel cell system including fuel cell stack and power electronics, and has gradually realized localization and industrialization over the past few years. As of mid-May 2021, REFIRE has extended its presence of fuel cell technology to the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, Central China and Northern China as well as other countries including Germany, Japan and Malaysia, with a cumulative global mileage exceeding 61 million kilometers. On this basis, REFIRE is also exploring the application of the technology in the fields of marine and construction machinery in addition to the automotive sector.

Looking forward, a diversified application of the fuel cell in the construction machinery can be expected thanks to the further upgrading of China’s fuel cell technology, the improvement in hydrogen refueling stations and other supporting infrastructure, as well as the cost reduction of core components of fuel cell after mass production. REFIRE will continue to work together with industrial partners to accelerate the decarbonization of by construction machinery industry by improving the key technology, quality control and process performance of fuel cell products, for a common goal of making our sky blue and achieving carbon neutrality!

The four-day 2021 Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition is underway. Welcome to the Exhibition where you can interact with us.



Headquartered in Shanghai, REFIRE is the world’s leading deployer of commercial hydrogen fuel cell zero-emissions technologies. The company specialises in designing, testing, prototyping, application engineering and in integrated fuel cell systems for buses, trucks, specialised vehicles, power supply units, and marine applications.

As of Q1 2021, REFIRE fuel cell technologies and products are powering over 2,700 fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) in daily use in 15 cities across China, as well as various projects in five other countries. To date, combined vehicle mileage exceeds 63 million kilometres.


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