Jointly Promoting the Localization and Innovative Development of Fuel Cell Core Materials | REFIRE and Jiping New Energy Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement



Adhering to the goal of continuously improving the level of China’s fuel cell industry and accelerating the localization of core fuel cell components, Shanghai REFIRE Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “REFIRE Group”) and Shanghai Jiping New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as “Jiping New Energy”) recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the technology optimization of key fuel cell components and cooperation in production and manufacturing. REFIRE Group Executive Vice President Hu Zhe, Jiping New Energy Executive Vice President Liu Jinhui, REFIRE Group Senior Purchasing Manager Zhao Yongsheng, Jiping New Energy Chief Strategy Officer Xu Min and other business representatives attended and witnessed the signing ceremony.

REFIRE Group Executive Vice President Hu Zhe (right) and Jiping New Energy Executive Director and Vice President Liu Jinhui (left) jointly sign a strategic cooperation agreement


Founded in 2018, Jiping New Energy is the first domestic company to achieve mass production of hydrogen energy and fuel cell catalysts. Their main operations include producing fuel cell catalysts, water electrolysis hydrogen production catalysts, and so on, as well as providing technical solutions for downstream customers.Ms. Liu Jinhui, executive director and vice president of Jiping New Energy, said that this cooperation will promote the technology and product iteration of the hydrogen fuel cell industry, and at the same time strengthen the already strong correlation between the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and jointly build a more prosperous fuel cell industry in China.


Hu Zhe, Executive Vice President of REFIRE Group, said that the fuel cell industry is now gradually developing from a basic structure toward a market-oriented and large-scale direction. As the world’s leading fuel cell system and key components developer and manufacturer, REFIRE Group is actively working with relevant enterprises and institutions upstream and downstream in the industrial chain to continue to promote the development of core fuel cell technology. This signing signifies that both parties have reached a strategic consensus and will work together to create a win-win situation in the future.

Hu Zhe, Executive Vice President of REFIRE Group, delivering a speech at the venue


This signing also marks another important move of REFIRE Group in responding to the call of national policies, promoting the process of localization and innovative development of the fuel cell industry, and achieving breakthroughs in the research and development of key components and industrial applications.




Headquartered in Shanghai, REFIRE is the world’s leading deployer of commercial hydrogen fuel cell zero-emissions technologies. The company specialises in designing, testing, prototyping, application engineering and in integrated fuel cell systems for buses, trucks, specialised vehicles, power supply units, and marine applications.

As of Q1 2021, REFIRE fuel cell technologies and products are powering over 2,700 fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) in daily use in 15 cities across China, as well as various projects in five other countries. To date, combined vehicle mileage exceeds 63 million kilometres.


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