REFIRE Technology Won the First Prize of 2022 Shanghai Industry-University-Research Cooperation Excellent Project Award”


On March 23, the 2022 “Shanghai Industry-University-Research Cooperation Excellent Project Award” commendation conference was held at the CPPCC Shanghai Municipal Committee. The project declaration of heavy-duty commercial vehicles hydrogen fuel cell motor R&D and industrialization led by REFIRE Technology was awarded the first prize of 2022 “Shanghai Industry-University-Research Cooperation Excellent Project Award”. Hu Wenrong, Chairman of the CPPCC Shanghai Municipal Committee, Wu Xinbao, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Shanghai Municipal Committee, Ma Xingfa, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Association for Science and Technology, and Zhu Yinglei, Chairman of Shanghai Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Promotion Association, attended and presented awards to the winning projects.

The “Shanghai Industry-University-Research Cooperation Excellent Project Award” is jointly sponsored by Shanghai Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Promotion Association, Shanghai Education Development Foundation, and Shanghai Science and Technology Association. It is currently the only award established in Shanghai to promote the deep integration of industry, university and research.

The selection is based on major national development strategies, promotes technological innovation through “Industry-University-Research” cooperation, promotes industrial transformation and upgrading, focuses on Shanghai’s three leading industries and six key industries, and selects a total of 40 award-winning projects.

Robin Lin, Chairman and President of REFIRE Group, delivered a speech on behalf of award-winning companies. He stated that, as a fast-developing hydrogen technology enterprise, REFIRE Group works hard to seek rapid development, break through the barriers of core technologies, and achieve internationally leading level amid the global energy transition. To this end, the company needs to identify the direction of technological research based on national development strategy and market demand, and at the same time, revolutionize innovation models and mechanism through Industry-University-Research cooperation, facilitating the transformation of hydrogen technology research outcomes into advanced products and promoting commercial application.

“Heavy-duty commercial vehicles are the culprit of road traffic pollution emissions, while hydrogen heavy-duty trucks are a gateway to mitigate pollution and achieve green transition and decarbonization. Our long-term cooperation with Tongji University has laid a robust foundation for “Industry-University-Research Cooperation”. Through the project, the two parties have founded a long-term cooperation mechanism, formulated long-term strategic plans and produced fruitful research and application outcomes. Besides, the comprehensive technologies have reached an internationally leading level.” Lin added.

REFIRE Technology adheres to collaborative innovation throughout the project and has established a forward development and design platform of fuel cell systems on the basis of researching fuel cell internal operation response and system performance improvement strategy. The company has developed fuel cell systems with high-power, long life and high environment-adaptability, the comprehensive technology of which have reached internationally leading level, breaking the monopoly of foreign countries on multiple core technologies of fuel cells and achieving independent intellectual property rights.

During the implementation of the project, REFIRE Technology has applied many invention patents and joined hands with Tongji University to develop many team standards. The awards garnered include the first prize of Scientific and Technological Progress of China Automotive Industry, and the first prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award.

REFIRE Technology and Tongji University mutually reinforce each other in a collaborative manner throughout the cooperation. Based on the technological direction of fuel cell vehicles development at home and abroad, the two parties leverage the development strategy and industry layout of REFIRE Technology and research and develop fuel cell technologies and products oriented towards productization, and build up a long-term cooperation mechanism through talent cultivation. The partnership has not only enhanced REFIRE Technology’s fuel cell system performance and technical competency, but also increased Tongji University’s academic level and influence. It is a prime example of win-win Industry-University-Research cooperation in China.

Robin Lin stated, “after declared ‘the Shanghai Industry-University-Research Cooperation Excellent Project Award’ as a participant in 2021, REFIRE Technology fully leveraged its advantages in technology R&D, product development and industry layout, as well as its partnership and long-term cooperation mechanism with Tongji University, took the lead to declare the ‘the Shanghai Industry-University-Research Cooperation Excellent Project Award’ again in 2022 and garnered the first prize. This will bring in a stronger sense of responsibility and mission. Looking ahead, we stand ready to cooperate with Industry-University-Research partners to break through core technology issues and lead the high quality development of the industry.”



Headquartered in Shanghai with a footprint spanning several global markets, REFIRE is the world’s leading deployer of commercial hydrogen fuel cell technologies. The company specialises in the design, testing, prototyping, application engineering, and production of electrolyser products and integrated fuel cell systems for buses, trucks, specialised vehicles, power machines, stationary power and decentralised grid power products.

As of 2023 Q1, REFIRE fuel cell technologies and products are powering over 4,200 fuel cell vehicles (FCEV) in daily use in 20+ cities around the globe. Combined vehicle mileage exceeds 145 million kilometres.

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