Shanghai Fuel Cell Industry Innovation Alliance Officially Established


On Feb 17, 2023, under the guidance of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, the Shanghai Fuel Cell Innovation Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the “Innovation Alliance”) was officially established by 11 companies, including Shanghai REFIRE Technology, Shanghai International Automobile City, SGIC and so on.

Representatives from Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, Jiading District Economic Commission, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Shanghai Automotive Parts Industry Association, Shanghai Partnership of FCV, Shanghai Technical Committee of new energy vehicle standardization, Shanghai International Automobile City, and Tongji University witnessed the establishment ceremony.

During the meeting, Ju Xinjue, Deputy Director of the Division of Technological Improvement of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, delivered a speech, stating the early start of the development of the hydrogen fuel cell automotive industry in Shanghai. After two decades of exploration and promotion, Shanghai has now accumulated a solid foundation in the industry chain, industry ecology, and produced results in promotion and application. Overall, its development is at the forefront of the country. In September 2022, the Shanghai municipal government released the Action Plan for Building Shanghai into a High Ground for Future Industry Innovation and Developing and Expanding Future Industry Clusters. The plan advances the layout of five future industry clusters, along with the innovation of key materials such as high-power, long-life hydrogen fuel cells, carbon paper, proton exchange membranes, and catalysts. Ju Xinjue also mentioned that the establishment of the Innovation Alliance is timely and holds significance for embarking on a new chapter.

Ju Xinjue hoped the Shanghai Fuel Cell Industry Innovation Alliance can strengthen its technological innovation and ecological construction, with the aim of building a robust service platform, problem-solving platform, and integration platform, thus generating more innovative momentum for the fuel cell industry in Shanghai and beyond.

In his speech, Fu Bingfeng, Executive Vice President and Secretary-General of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, emphasized the importance of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles as a trend for the development of new energy vehicles. With the introduction of the national medium- and long-term plan for the hydrogen industry as well as the implementation of policies for the demonstration and application of fuel cell vehicles last year, several regions have witnessed the demonstration and application of such vehicles. Besides, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers recognized the significance of the fuel cell industry and predicted that hydrogen will play a pivotal role in the zero-carbon development of automobiles. As a strategic emerging industry of new energy vehicles, hydrogen and fuel cells will be prominently featured. The establishment of the Shanghai Fuel Cell Industry Innovation Alliance is believed to leverage first-mover advantages and agglomeration effects to support the high-quality development of hydrogen and fuel cell vehicle industries in Shanghai and beyond.

As the representative of the Innovative Alliance initiator, Lin Qi, Chairman and President of REFIRE Group, recognized the significant advancements in hydrogen technology represented by fuel cells in recent years. He also emphasized the maturity achieved in the transportation industry concerning the application of these technologies backed by the fuel cell vehicle demonstration application policy in Shanghai. However, the industry is still weak in the localization of core technology, capability of independent innovation and standard systems, which are common challenges for participants in the hydrogen industry. In his speech, Lin Qi also mentioned that the new energy vehicle industry had been listed among the Top 6 high-end industries of the 14th Five-Year Plan of the Shanghai Manufacturing Innovation Center. Against such backdrop, it is necessary to establish an Innovative Alliance to accelerate the construction of the Shanghai Fuel Cell Manufacturing Innovation Center, developing and promoting key common technologies, resolving industry difficulties and bottlenecks, and facilitating the commercialization and scaling-up of fuel cell technology applications.

The establishment of the Innovative Alliance has advanced the preparation work for the construction of the Shanghai Fuel Cell Manufacturing Innovation Center in accordance with the requirements outlined by the Shanghai Economic and Information Commission for the declaration of the Shanghai Manufacturing Innovation Center construction.

Looking ahead, the Alliance will concentrate on national strategies, establish innovation chains with industry chain as the focus, accelerate revolutionary breakthroughs in fuel cell technology, promote standardization of core technologies and key application products of Shanghai fuel cell vehicles, and achieve industrial upgrading and sustainable development in the principles of “collaborative innovation, open cooperation, resource complementation, and shared achievements.”



Headquartered in Shanghai with a footprint spanning several global markets, REFIRE is the world’s leading deployer of commercial hydrogen fuel cell technologies. The company specialises in the design, testing, prototyping, application engineering, and production of electrolyser products and integrated fuel cell systems for buses, trucks, specialised vehicles, power machines, stationary power and decentralised grid power products.

As of 2023 Q1, REFIRE fuel cell technologies and products are powering over 4,200 fuel cell vehicles (FCEV) in daily use in 20+ cities around the globe. Combined vehicle mileage exceeds 145 million kilometres.

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