The Construction Planning of Shanghai Fuel Cell Manufacturing Innovation Center Passed the Expert Review


On Mar 3, the expert review meeting of Shanghai Fuel Cell Manufacturing Innovation Center was held at Shanghai REFIRE Group. Shi Jianlin, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Zhang Hongtao, chief engineer of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economic Informatization, attended. A group of relevant experts from Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tongji University, Shanghai Partnership of FCV, the Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality, Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Market Regulation, and other units were formed to review the construction plan.

The experts evaluated the organizational structure, operation mechanism, innovation capacity building, operation and knowledge transfer, open innovation, and technical standards of the innovation center and provided valuable guidance. They recommended that the Shanghai Fuel Cell Manufacturing Innovation Center should prioritize addressing key common technology issues such as fuel cell consistency, durability, and reliability. Additionally, the experts suggested promoting the localization of key “bottleneck” upstream components such as the membrane, catalyst, carbon paper, and air compressor, with the fuel cell system as the lead. All of these efforts should align with the national development strategy and requirements of Shanghai Manufacturing Innovation Center Construction Project Implementation Plan.

During the meeting, Zhang Hongtao congratulated the Shanghai Fuel Cell Manufacturing Innovation Center on passing the evaluation and emphasized that innovation is crucial for promoting high-quality development in the manufacturing industry. He suggested that the Center should focus on developing cutting-edge technologies and solving bottleneck problems in the industry, while maintaining the resilience and safety of the industrial and supply chains. He also recommended that the Center should continue to lead the industry, ensure the smooth integration of upstream and downstream processes, expand application scenarios, build a deep integration system among industry, university, research and application, ultimately contributing to the development of the fuel cell industry and scientific and technological innovation in the city.

Officials from the Division of Technological Improvement and Division of Intelligent Manufacturing Promotion of the Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission, Shanghai Development Research Center of Economy and Informatization and the Economic Committee of Jiading District attended the meeting.



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