New generation of fuel cell system series

REFIRE has a portfolio of proprietary fuel cell systems with different ranges

120kW Fuel Cell System
Heavy-Duty Applications

110kW Fuel Cell System
Heavy-Duty Applications

63kW Fuel Cell System
Light/Medium-Duty Applications

88kW Fuel Cell System
Mid/Heavy-Duty Applications

Engineering Solutions

REFIRE engineers are industry leaders in hydrogen fuel cell technology. We excel at offering complete engineering solutions tailored to project requirements. Services include providing customized FCS development, prototype vehicle application engineering expertise, and technical supports, debugging and calibration on full-scale fleet production and commissioning.

Mass Transit
Logistics Delivery
Urban Service
Industrial Transport

After Sales Service Network

In 2018, with a view to ensuring long term safety, reliability, and optimisation of REFIRE’s FCS, merged with the intent to enhancing the overall driver’s product experience, REFIRE established a dedicated “Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle After Sales Service Centre” in Shanghai – another industry first.

In 2020, REFIRE plan to expand three additional After Sales Service Centres with partners to offer local FCVs maintenance service covering Guangdong province, Henan province and Jiangsu province. With REFIRE professional service, the customers will benefit from the full-set of diagnostic and maintenance services to guarantee high-quality after-sales experience.

Diagnostics & Preventative Maintenance

REFIRE’s FCS incorporate optional plug-and-play diagnostics gateway to help track powertrain status in real time, monitor performance and provide predictive diagnosis for potential failure. Pre-emptive action can then be taken.